Like most of our clients, the accumulation of wealth will have been achieved with a not inconsiderable amount of hard work, sacrifice and discipline. The prospect of serious or complete erosion of this wealth is understandably unpalatable and this is why it is essential ...

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Greenwood Trading offers a wide range of products designed to ensure you reach your specific investment objectives. Our specific and primary mission is to increase and preserve the value of our client's assets.

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Whilst Greenwood Trading advocates the merits of longer term investing as the best means of achieving one's financial objectives, we also recognize the potential for spectacular returns from short-term, opportunistic investing. With this in mind, we bring the skill and experience ...

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Next, an asset allocation strategy is devised. This will enable the portfolio to achieve the objectives for growth whilst limiting the risk its constituents attract. This aspect of the portfolio's construction is of paramount importance. The effectiveness of asset allocation ...

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Greenwood Trading

Clients come to Greenwood Trading to avail themselves of our experience and our broad, comprehensive range of professional investment management services. More importantly, they remain with us because they can rely on us to provide them with the personalized service and the returns on investment their capital deserves.

Our passion for what we do manifests itself in our work. Your partnership with us will furnish you with the confidence and security that can only come from working with competent, independent professionals who have only your interests at heart.

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