The Trader's Call

Whilst Greenwood Trading advocates the merits of longer term investing as the best means of achieving one's financial objectives, we also recognize the potential for spectacular returns from short-term, opportunistic investing. With this in mind, we bring the skill and experience of some of the industry's best analysts and researchers to our clients via our subscription trading service, The Trader's Call.

This unique offering aims to provide the more adventurous investor with all the information, analysis and buy/sell recommendations they need to successfully trade the exciting equity, commodity and foreign exchange markets with confidence.

Naturally, there is a reason why we advocate longer-term investing and that is simply that investing over the longer-term tends to smooth out the volatile price action of markets by stretching them over extended time periods. Consequently, the short-term gains from acting on recommendations in the Trader's Call can carry substantially more risk for capital erosion and, therefore, will not be suitable for those with a low tolerance to risk.

How it Works

Our analysts and researchers conduct intensive due diligence on companies, commodities and currencies. This work is then used to identify and recommend the taking of positions in one or more of these markets with a view to holding short-term – sometimes as long as a month but often as short as a couple of days.

The recommendations to buy, sell or hold are sent to subscribers via IM/Twitter on each trading day and will always include the reasoning behind the recommendation as well as, of course, the prices at which one should buy or sell the security.