Our Research

Why So Important?

The answer to this question is fairly straightforward. Greenwood Trading's superior investment success has its roots in meticulous analysis and research. Put simply, we won't commit client capital to any investment or security until conducted the highest level of due diligence to ascertain its suitability to our clients' risk tolerance.

Two unique styles of analysis are brought to bear on asset classes so we can better identify the recommendations that have yielded the returns that delight our clients year after year. Both are as essential as the other over the longer-term investment time horizons appropriate to the overwhelming majority of our clients.

Our Trader's Call subscription service, however, relies chiefly upon technical analysis.


Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a chart-based technique used to assess and predict the price movement of securities through analysis of past price movement. The technique requires the study of past prices but also sets store by degrees of volume in the price action. Technical analysis does not seek to quantify the security's intrinsic value but, instead, assumes that all pertinent information including news and fundamentals are built into the price at any one time.

Technical analysts aim to predict the short-term price direction of a security by closely examining its historical price trends and seek to forecast whether those price trends will repeat at some point in the future.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a technique used to assess the value of securities and the underlying entities or assets. It seeks to measure a security's intrinsic value by analyzing pertinent macro-economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative data.

Fundamental analysts pore over everything that can influence the security's value, including the health of the broader economy, turnover, assets, liabilities and the health of the industry sector in which the issuing company operates - in the case of an equity - or the supply/demand dynamics in the case of a commodity.